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Automatic Clothes Drying Rack
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  • How can we sales heated clothes airer under this environment?
    How can we sales heated clothes airer under this environment? on 2020-05-27
    In the last year and early 2020, affected by the external environment, the smart electric airer industry has experienced a difficult period. The business model of the traditional heated clothes airer has been hit by an unprecedented impact. What can we do in the future? Since 2018, especially during the epidemic in early 2020, all walks of life, including the electric heated clothes airer industry, have been selling goods through live Live broadcast. Based on the current situation and current situation, as a traditional production-oriented enterprise, LBest is also doing some thinking and new planning for the future. Smart wall mounted airer, as a kind of clothes drying appliance, its basic advantage is that it satisfies home clothes drying on a balcony of several square meters, and can also achieve drying, sterilization, mite removal, voice control, etc. For more choice of experience. No matter how the external environment fluctuates, the user's needs are always there. No matter how the external environment changes, we still need to amplify the value of demand through the function of the product to make the market active and at the same time think about how to provide services to customers. When the storm hits, the brave will fight hard. Facing the crisis of the market environment in 2020, we need to activate the energy of all the air-powered people, build our own driving engine, use the products and brands of the headquarters, and 12 years of solid corporate foundation, team and market advantage The crisis is an opportunity, work together to open up the way and break through the development. Therefore, LBest will hold the "New Marketing and New Leapfrog" 2020 Marketing Summit in Guangzhou on May 28. "New" is "innovation": innovative thinking, exploration of new explosive products and new marketing models; continuous focus on products to create value for products. "New" is also "change": Seeking change, taking crisis as an opportunity and turning it into an opportunity, and then progressing across obstacles and breaking through development. For the current situation, Fanba has been actively coping with it and exploring a more effective marketing model, so that the company and the dealers have a new leap forward.
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  • In case of covid-19. How to wash my hands properly?
    In case of covid-19. How to wash my hands properly? on 2020-03-31
    In case of covid-19. How to wash my hands properly? First under running water Then take appropriate amount of hand Palms facing each other and fingers. Palms against the back of your fingers along the back of your fingers. Palms facing each other,hands crossed fingers rubbing each other. Bend your fingers to make the knuckles, and rub them in the palm of your other hand. Right hand holding left thumb Rotate and knead alternately. Put your five fingertips in the palm of your other hand and rub them together. Rinse hands thoroughly under running water. Dry your hands and take an appropriate amount of hand lotion for skin care. We must also take precautions against viruses(covid-19) at home. In daily life, we can disinfect our clothes by electric clothes rack. Electric indoor clothes drying rack with disinfection function , and turned off automatically after 30 minutes. OK. You can use the electric clothing rack to disinfect your family clothes for half an hour every day.
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  • Wear a mask correctly
    Wear a mask correctly on 2020-03-27
    How to wear a mask correctly? 1.Nose clip side up, dark side out Folds down 2.Fold up and down to make mask covering mouth / nose / jaw 3.Press the tips of your two fingers along the metal strip of the nose 4.bridge from the middle to the sides and slowly press inward until it is 5.close to the bridge of the nose. 6.Adjust the mask properly so that the mask fully fits the face. 7.Bring a mask to protect you and others. Don’t bring the virus to home when you come back from the outside, and take care of your family ’s health. In fact, we can sterilize the coat . I see that so many people are sterilizing their coat or clothes with a ceiling clothes drying rack. I recommend a link: (This website is about electric clothes rack with uv sterilize product )  .I hope it will help you. I think is very good clothes hanger for balcony.
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  • About codiv-19, how to prevent pneumonia?
    About codiv-19, how to prevent pneumonia? on 2020-03-25
    About codiv-19, how to prevent pneumonia? a.Avoid going to high-end emicareas,avoid in crowded places,avoiding closed,airless public places,and crowded places,and strengthen window ventilation. b.Cover your mouth and nose with tissues (rather than your hands) when coughing and sneezing. c.It is best to wash your hands thoroughly with soap or hand sanitizer after d.When the employee wears a mask,the folded surface should be fully unfolded, and the mouth,nose,and jaw should be completely covered, and then the nose clip should be pressed to make the mask fit the face completely. e.The light-colored side of the mask is the innerside,and the inner side should be close to the mouth and nose, with the darkside facing outwards; There is a metal strip (nose clip) One end is above the mask.Masks should be replace dregularly, not on the inside or outside,not on both sides. f.When washing your hands, pay attention to washing with running water and Using soap (handsanitizer),rubbing for at least 20 seconds. ——LBest Tips If you want to prevent completely. Might buy a disinfection  sterilization clothes dryer (Click into)
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  • What is a new coronavirus?
    What is a new coronavirus? on 2020-03-18
    1.What is a new coronavirus? Coronavirus only infect svertebrates and can cause respiratory and digestive system and neurological diseasesin human sandanimals. The virus this time is a new coronavirus strain that has never been found inhumans before,and is named 2019-nCoV. It is confirmed that people can be passed from person toperson. How is it transmitted? 2.How is it transmitted? 1.Generally it is transmitted through droplets (sneezing/coughing) and contact (diggingnostrils/ rubbing eyes with hands that have been exposed to the virus). 2.The virus is highly transmissive.If no protective measures are taken,or etically one patientcan transmit the virus to two to three people. 3.The max imumtime from new virus to disease onset is 14 days,so close contacts should be observed for 14 days.
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  • LBest's creative Women 's Day for female
    LBest's creative Women 's Day for female on 2020-03-07
    LBest’s creative Women ’s Day for female In China, it is customary to refer to Women's Day as Queen's Day, and all women will be treated like a queen on this day. Let's see what has done for female colleagues on Women‘day in our company. Before going to work, the male colleagues came to the company early, set up the company's reception, and put on a mysterious mask. Standing in front of the door lined up in two rows everything was ready. At 8.30 hours during work, colleagues came to the company and entered the gate, the female colleagues responded "Wow" first Followed by the male colleagues sent a blessing and delivered Roses and a box of clothes hangers as gifts. Our boss and president also attach great importance to this holiday and participate in it, sending warmth and blessings to colleagues. Everyone in Liangba is a queen and a male god today, at LBest clothes dryer electric
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