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  • LBest's colleagues and co-agents are both LBest's family
    LBest's colleagues and co-agents are both LBest's family on 2019-09-11
    Today is a good day and a very special day. When we were young, at school, every time we were teachers' day, we would hold flowers and gifts to thank the teachers who taught us. When I grew up, I left the campus and went to work. I also met a life tutor——General Manager Liu. Yes, he is our general manager. Unlike other leaders, He often shares his product experience with us He leads the company's largest domestic sales department and our foreign trade department. It often inspires us at work and shares his new ideas with us. We have learned more than experience and more skills. Therefore, he is our leader more like our teacher. Today is Teacher's Day. Foreign Trade Department has prepared a special surprise for General manager Liu. Desserts from the hands of the international business partners(This is the dish we made)          Just thank you for your patient guidance and help for our work, and help you to solid product knowledge, master sales skills, and let every sales person go to the market with full confidence!     After the meal, we organized a party.     Take a photo with the teacher Liu! LBest not only provides us with a good working platform, but also provides us with a good learning platform. Today, The guys of the Foreign Trade Department prepared delicious meals with their hands, and planned a different thanksgiving activities. Thanks to General Manager Liu Zong (Director Liu of the Business School) for quietly observing foreign trade. The support and help, the growth and development of foreign trade is inseparable from the support and help of General manager Liu. With gratitude, the colleagues of the Ministry of Foreign Trade cooperate with each other, and the teamwork arranges a warm and creative teacher activity. This is the working area of our International Business Division, a global village with 7 billion people. Our daily work is also carried out around these 233 countries and regions. General Liu said, how good you are, 80 domestic sales colleagues are only facing China's 1.4 billion people, and our 10 foreign trade departments are facing a population of 7 billion, which is really great. Since I am here, let me show you that our foreign trade department !~ At present, the products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, South Korea, etc., and are well received by consumers all over the world. This is due to the great mission of Airworthy to provide high-end smart washing machines for families around the world. It is with strong quality assurance that we can gain a lot in the market. It is also because of a group of lovely customers that we can provide high-end smart washing machines for families around the world, so that more families can appreciate the convenience and fun of electric washing machines. I think everyone has seen our sales performance. Yes, we are the leading foreign trade army that led ...
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  • August 25th LBest Hubei Tianmen Store
    August 25th LBest Hubei Tianmen Store on 2019-08-30
    ugust 25th LBest Hubei Tianmen Store The large-scale Huimin promotion is very lively throughout the city. What makes the scene a fire? What is the activity that makes best electric clothes dryer sell well? This event is the special event signed by the general manager of the 8th anniversary of the Tianmen store in Hubei. This is a great opportunity to buy a portable electric clothes dryer!   A variety of enticing big benefits on the spot! And the boss personally presented the prize to the lucky one. During the event, the merchant service was very thoughtful. Not only did the shopping guide have patience, but the customers were assured to choose, and the 1.2M*2.4M big cake was carefully prepared for the family.
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  • Group building activities
    Group building activities on 2019-08-26
    LBest  outdoor activities . Today, the leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Trade organize everyone to participate in outdoor activities, and don’t forget to be active and healthy in busy work. Our main product :ceiling mounted clothes dryer rack、 clothes drying rack 、the best clothes hangers、Metal hanger、wall clothes hanger. We produce this for more than 10 years.  We are well-known in China and overseas because our good quality and best service. We export to Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India and so on.
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  • Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day on 2019-08-07
    The cartoon in the middle of the picture is “Cowherd” and “Weaver Girl”. They meet at “Magpie Bridge” on this day every year. The folk saying comes from the following: The Weaver Girl and the Morning Cattle are two similar stars in the Tianhe River. There is no connection between the two. Until the Han Dynasty, these two stars were transformed into specific characters. The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl are derived from the star names of the Altair and the Vega. Legend has it that the granddaughter of the ancient Emperor of Heaven was good at weaving, and weaved the sky every day. She hated this boring life, and secretly went down to the mortal world, privately married to the cowherd of Hexi, and lived a normal life . Emperor was very angry, the Weaver Girl was taken back to the Heavenly Palace, and they were ordered to separate. They were only allowed to meet on the bridge on July 7 each year. Their strong love and affection moved magpies, countless magpies flew, and used the body to form a color bridge across the SKY River, allowing the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl to meet on the SKY River. Through the development of history, QIXI festival has been given the beautiful love story of "The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl", making it a symbolic love festival, which is considered to be the most romantic    traditional festival in China. In the contemporary era, it has produced "Chinese Valentine's Day" Cultural meaning. If “Cowherd” and “Weaver Girl” had a child one day and used LBest smart clothes hanger to dry the baby's clothes like the left and right sides of the picture, then the clothes drying rack of LBest clothes hanger would become a legend.
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  • Army Day (2019-8-01)
    Army Day (2019-8-01) on 2019-07-31
    LBest electric air dryer for clothes. We attach importance to the promotion of humane care, continue to pay attention to the relationship between enterprises and users, focus on CCTV, high-speed rail, and airport delivery through differentiated brand communication strategies, and actively shape the professional image of high-end brands, so that terminals can better understand LBest As the pace of advancement progresses to a stage, it is necessary to slow down and sharpen a more solid foundation, and then accumulate power. During the rectification of the year, the marketing team did not forget to temper internal strength through internal training; at the same time, it was studied how to better serve agents in the big environment. The philosophy of laundry life in the era of consumption, focusing on the user experience of product development. In the past, we focused on how to reduce the bacteria in the clothes and extract the healthy clothes dryer with drying rack. At the moment, artificial intelligence leads the consumption change, we have launched the AI technology smart best drying rack; in the future, we still create with care. In the case of a sluggish external market environment, the factory's productivity is still strong. We use the "customer-centric" service concept to improve customer satisfaction with standardized and unified service standards. Guangzhou Customer Service After-sales Center is the coordinating department of after-sales service and maintenance, unified scheduling and coordination of after-sales service resources, standardizing the operation process of on-site maintenance service, and carrying out supervision by telephone to ensure the quality of service.
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  • Voice-controlled automatic clothes hanger won the Sunflower Award
    Voice-controlled automatic clothes hanger won the Sunflower Award on 2019-07-11
    On July 9th, at the awarding ceremony of the “2019 Sunflower Awards Smart Home Selection Competition” at the Guangzhou Fair, voice-controlled automatic clothes hanger developed by LBest was awarded the “2019 Smart Clothes Industry Gold Award”by the Sunflower Award! Q4 voice-controlled automatic clothes hanger won "2019 Smart Washing Machine Industry Product Gold Award" Medal, Certificate. Q4 voice-controlled automatic clothes hanger is developed on the considered from the consumer demand. It combines new hard cores such as "AI voice control + ultrasonic + dynamic 4-color light".The ceiling clothes hanger is pink, and the stylish and young color can add extra points to the matching effect of the family balcony. In this award, Q4 automatic clothes hanger depend on control technology, new functions, new design, outstanding performance in many excellent products.       Portable clothes rack regardless of the technology, function, or product design and process of the product.The intelligence of the Q4 voice-controlled automatic clothes hanger solves the user's drying problem and improves the quality of the clothes.
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