Automatic Clothes Drying Rack

Clothes Hanger Rack Clothes Drying Stand Portable Clothes Rack

The Surface Of The Metal Clothes Rack Is Elegant And Bright Rose Red, This Is a Particularly Elegant And Multifunction Standing Coat Rack, It Can Be Used For Outdoor Clothes Drying And Drying Quilts.

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cloth drying hanger


 Made of aluminum , the weight is moderate, not easy to deform. 

 The surface is treated with Sandblasting technologythe color is lustrous, not easy to fade. 

 Don't worry about the fading and getting old caused by the sun and rain on the clothes hanger stand.

folding clothes rack

When you don't need the folding clothes drying rack , you can fold the dryer stand and put away.


The folding drying rack is relatively large, enough to meet the family's clothes drying.



The 18 hanging holes on both sides are specially designed to increase the drying space.

 Make clothes do not close together during drying, increasing drying efficiency.

Type Material Surface Treatment 
Size(mm) Color


Aviation Aluminum
Surface Treatment 
1780*500*1050 pink
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