Automatic Clothes Drying Rack
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Canton Fair in 2019,125th China Import and Export Fair 2019-04-18

Oh,~ it’s a clothes dryer that will drop.

On the left is a live photo, the right side is more clear.

clothes hanger stand

Professional sales representatives are full of passion and vitality to explain this fresh product to customers

Many customers actively requests the sales representative's business card.

Our boss also came to the scene to cheer for everyone, share his ten years of business experience, analyze the market trends of future home products, and give customers clear sales guidance.

Regardless of function, use, and quality , traditional hand-drying racks have gradually been replaced by electric clothes hanger rack. You seize the opportunity and you are the winner of the future.

Look at the photo below, we are not selling ladders, this is the drying rack for clothes, it is very strong, our boss stands up is no problem.

On-site transaction

Taking a group photo

          LBest insists on service first, the highest quality, the foreign trade team continues to cheer.

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Roof Mounted Clothes Drying Rack
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