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Why choose Automatic Ceiling Cloth Hanger not Hand Lifting Manual Hanger ④ 2018-10-16 12:41:15

Why choose ceiling mount laundry rack not Hand lift clothes hanger? Fourth, Let's think deeply from their installation.

For Hand lift clothes hanger,

1)You should locate the install position first, it's not time-saving and intelligent;

2)  When the installation started, 16 screw holes need to be punched on the ceiling. For person, installation is complicated. For the ceiling, if your Hand lift clothes hanger is broken, 16 screw holes looks would not be beauty.

For ceiling mount laundry rack,

1) You can use installation located paperboard to help you deal with the installation, and that are only 4 screw holds you need to punch;

2) The raw material of ceiling mounted clothes dryer is aviation aluminum, which is strong but light, one person can install one machine one time;

3) Do not worry about the power line, If you install a ceiling lamp in the balcony, the power line for ceiling lamp can be used for ceiling mounted clothes airer.

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