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Why choose Automatic Ceiling Cloth Hanger not Hand Lifting Manual Hanger ② 2018-10-16 12:40:00

Why choose Automatic Ceiling Cloth Hanger not Hand Lifting Manual Hanger? Second, Let's think deeply from their functions.

For manual clothes rack,

1. Less quantity of hanging holes, Manual hanger only got two clothes poles, it caused the less clothes can be hanged;

2. Rotate the controller to up or down, time is wasted;

3. Double clothes poles can not up or down at the same time;

For Lifting remote control clothes drying rack,

1. Large quantity of Hanging holes, we have 4 clothes poles design, 5 clothes poles design, even 6 clothes poles design. All family members clothes can be hanged at the same time;

2. Electric clothes drying rack hanger is controlled by wireless remote controller, 30 meters valid distance. No orientation or obstacle limited.

3. Not only can solve your hanging problem, but also lighting, sterilization, air fan, heated, Anti-mite, Bluetooth music, anion, voice control and so on. Technology make your life intelligent.

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