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Why choose Automatic Ceiling Cloth Hanger not Hand Lifting Manual Hanger ① 2018-09-03 11:13:16

Several years ago, everyone used Hand lifting clothes hanger, that is the symbol of popular, fashion, beautiful life. But now, more and more people gave up Manual Hanger, then Automatic Cloth Hanger is chosen. Do you know why?

First, let's think deeply from their appearance.

1. Hand lifting hanger need to intertwine so much stainless steel rope, just like spider web, the rope lines looks not pithy and beauty;

2. Hand lifting hanger controller waste wall space, at the same time, you must break the wall when you install the controller;

3. Automatic cloth hanger is belong to intelligent household product, it is more popular and fashion than manual one;

4. Automatic Ceiling Cloth Hanger, streamline modeling, pretty and fashionable, separate and accuse of in order convenient to use;

5. Intelligent Ceiling Cloth Hanger, You don't need to slotting too much. It only needs 4 holes to install. But if you use Hand Lifting Manual Hanger, you need to slotting 12 holes.

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