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Automatic Clothes Drying Rack
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  • Smart Voice Control for Free Dry Clothes
    Smart Voice Control for Free Dry Clothes on December 14,2019.
    Smart Voice Control for Free Dry Clothes Demonstration of voice control smart clothes rack(come in) This smart clothes rack called” Xiaoliang”, When you want to dry clothes, you just say, "Xiaoliang, I want to dry clothes." The clothes dryer will lower automatically. But after you dry your clothes, you just say, "The clothes are dry." The dryer will automatically rise. If you want to dry or sterilize your clothes, you just need to give the corresponding instructions ... very obedient! What are the black technologies of the sound-controlling Electric drying racks? Is there such a hard core function? The voice-controlled drying rack for clothes has a strong semantic comprehension ability, which is more natural in voice interaction. 4 ring microphones, 360 ° recognition, ± 5 ° sound source localization, 5m far-field voice, can recognize many dialects. By talking with the clothes rack for drying many times, the clothes dryer can learn intelligently and accurately determine the user's needs, just as close and natural as chatting with friends. The intelligentization of the voice-controlled clothes dryer rack is not only limited to the functions of the cloth dryer hanger itself, it also provides us with more exclusive services, such as listening to music, listening to radio stations, listening to weather forecasts, searching encyclopedias, and translating online.
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  • The 2019 “drying rack industry professional committee” chairman's office meeting was held in LBest
    The 2019 “drying rack industry professional committee” chairman's office meeting was held in LBest on 2019-12-10
     2019 “drying rack industry professional committee” chairman's office meeting was held in LBest     2019 is a crucial year for the development of the clothes hanger industry, and the development of the industry has entered an adjustment period. In order to summarize the work of the Association in 2019, arrange the focus of the next work of the Association and the next year's work plan, on December 4th in Guangdong LBest Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Executive Chairman Unit of the Professional Committee of the Drying Rack Industry Committee of the China Building Decoration Materials Association) Held an on-site office meeting of the president of the space saving hangers industry.     In this meeting, the presidents conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on manufacturing, market and future trends. Mr. Xu, Secretary General of the best clothes hangers Industry of China Building Decoration and Decoration Materials Association. Mr. Lingyun Chen , President of the Drying Industry, Mr. Junhuang Cao, Vice President, Mr. Haihui Liu, General Manager, Mr. Rong Zhen , Assistant President and Director of the Brand Center, and members of the electric hanger industry Association attended the meeting.     As the executive chairman unit of the drying rack industry professional committee and one of the drafting units of the [National Standards for the Intelligent portable hanger Industry], the drying bar takes the responsibility of guiding the development of industry standardization, large-scale and benign development, and promotes the development of the industry. Relying on the brand effect of the head, promote and popularize the quality life of clothes in modern families.     In the era of changing consumer scenarios, Airbest is also working hard to explore new products, new channels and new services, and open up a user-centric marketing model. At present, intelligent products and services have been integrated into all aspects of ordinary people's lives, smart speakers, smart TVs, smart switches ... These continue to bring us a smart, convenient and comfortable experience.       Dryer is optimistic about the future of the intelligent clothes dryer industry, and continuously increases investment in research and development, design, smart manufacturing, service and promotion, so that the clothes dryer can better integrate into the ranks of home appliances and serve users; The development and application of intelligent sound control, using technology to expand the possibilities of smart life for users.
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  • Luck Money Activity Every year
    Luck Money Activity Every year on 2019-12-05
    Luck Money Activity Every year In order to encourage sales elites to get payment at the end of the year and sprint performance, LBest take a generous bonus as a gift to carry out a lottery in the form of red envelopes. As long as the department returns 10W in the last month of 2019 (December), you can get a chance to get luck money. Behind us is a luck money wall. The amount of luck money is at least 10 yuan and the maximum is 200 yuan. The proportion of each ryuan is different. Of course, the odds of 200 are the least. We will check our luck in 2020. In the first round, the payment of Foreign Trade returned 140W and successfully won 14 lucky money. Thank you for your support from frequent customer and new customers for our work,and affirmation of our products---clothes rack for drying , and we have received so many red envelopes.In the new year, we will provide you with better services and more quality products---laundry hanger drying rack.
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  • Development of LBest automatic cloth drying rack
    Development of LBest automatic cloth drying rack on 2019-11-26
    Development of LBest automatic cloth drying rack Voice control is crazy when smart. There is a lot of focus on intelligence. This time, we share the topic of intelligent voice control. At the same time that electrical appliances have brought convenience to people, their control habits have also changed a lot.       The Clothes Drying Hanger method that is pulled up and down by wire rope is very popular among users. Before to 2000, hand-cranked clothes dryer rack dominated the market. The hand crank has been used for a long time, and the steel wire rope of extendable drying rack is also easy to entangle and break, and the damage rate is high. In addition, the extendable drying rack is only lifted and has a single function. At the beginning of 2000, the industry's earliest electric clothes dryer was born in LBest. LBest is the founder of automatic cloth drying rack. The R & D team of LBest is constantly optimizing and upgrading the functions and design of automatic clothes hanger, so that the automatic clothes hanger integrates more powerful functions and a better experience. First, the electric clothes hanger integrates additional functions such as lighting, air drying, heater drying, disinfection, Bluetooth music, negative ions, etc .; Second, the design is more high-end and more beautiful. In 2012, Dryer began to control the electric clothes dryer by mobile phone APP and the Internet. Controlled By app In 2017, LBest applied the AI concept architecture to the voice interaction of the electric clothes dryer for the first time, and realized the control of the electric clothes dryer through offline voice. In 2018, LBest deepened the research and development of voice control technology, and took the lead in controlling automatic cloth drying rack online. In 2019, by upgrading AI technology, automatic clothes hanger not only have online voice control, but also can play music, search encyclopedias, talk and chat, learn, broadcast news, weather broadcast, and so on. From the manual era, to electric control, to intelligent voice control; the clothes drying hanger industry has been pursued by the  family.
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  • Garbage classification, everyone is responsible, co-organizer: LBest
    Garbage classification, everyone is responsible, co-organizer: LBest on 2019-11-19
    In order to create a regional culture of “innovation, environmental protection and harmony”, enrich employees' amateur cultural life, enhance team cohesion, promote team building, and stimulate employees' enthusiasm .Recently, it was held by Yonghe Street, and local companies such as the LBEST Automatic clothes drying rack company co-organized the 2019 health running activity of the “Classification of Waste Sorting, Imagining Happiness and Harmony”. Promote the classification of garbage in a healthy way, and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Let's go to the site to see it! Signing site: LBest participates in environmental knowledge dissemination: LBest sponsored a high-end smart electric ceiling clothes drying rack for the event as a prize: During the three-hour event, everyone run together and admired the beauty of the park. The participating team members said: "Healthy running activities have strengthened our physical fitness, so that we can invest in work and life with good physical quality and full spirit, and the garbage classification promotion also strengthens the knowledge of garbage classification. Every effort will be made to spread the positive energy of the environment to the society." In the event, each team member's face is full of joy and happiness, and everyone enjoys the physical and mental pleasure brought by healthy sports. LBest motorized clothes hanger,low carbon and environmentally friendly. Ceiling clothes hanger is Green and economical.
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  • Different business models, different LBest
    Different business models, different LBest on 2019-11-12
    As we all know, the smart hanger system belonging to the field of large households has always focused on building materials. In the past ten years, LBest has also achieved some achievements in the past ten years, relying on the channels of building materials. However, with the changes of the external environment, the company's own development, the grading of consumption and other factors, the traditional model, or a single sales channel can no longer meet the growth and expansion of the brand. According to the observations of some senior commentators and home panel professionals in the home circle, during the period from 2012 to 2016, the company has begun to actively try and explore the expansion of the terminal sales channel; in terms of channel construction, from 2018 onwards, LBest has established a new channel department, and actively cooperates with professional markets such as Red Star Macalline and Real Home, and cooperates with Suning Tesco and Gome to establish a sales area for deepening home appliances. With the changes in the market, from 2018 onwards, LBest has carried out some migrations on the strategy. The first action is to open up new channels and new channels. In addition to its own building materials channels, it has signed with the actual home and Red Star Macalline. In addition to strategic cooperation, it also opened up the home appliance channel, and signed a large-scale agreement with Gome and Suning. In the industry, Hangba is the first company to cooperate with home appliances. In the first year, we settled in hundreds of companies, and in the next two to three years, we will strive to settle in thousands of stores across the country.
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We are the manufacturer of smart hanger,and urgently find local sole agent.To get the factory price (EXW), please enter 'commercial cooperation' Personal purchase , please leave a message.

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We are the manufacturer of smart hanger,and urgently find local sole agent.To get the factory price (EXW), please enter 'commercial cooperation' Personal purchase , please leave a message.

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