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Automatic Clothes Drying Rack
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  • Our company has restarted producing
    Our company has restarted producing on 2020-02-17
    Dear Sir/ Madam: Hope everything goes well. Our Chinese new year holiday had finished, and our company has restarted producing, but due to the the virus,our delivery date will be delayed. It is certain that your order will be arranged first and we will try our best to shorten the delivery time. Thank you for your support and trust. Guangdong LBest intelligent technology co. LTD 17/02/2020 Tips: Please keep your clothes dry in wet weather to avoid breeding bacteria,and open the function of heated clothes airer and uv clothing disinfection .
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  • Products that can dry clothes and have certain bactericidal effect
    Products that can dry clothes and have certain bactericidal effect on 2020-02-12
    In the face of virus and wet weather You can choose the products that can dry clothes and have certain bactericidal effect Clothes will not dry and still wet = Breed bacteria? Harmful microorganisms, dust mites, bacteria and so on mostly exist in warm, humid and non ventilated environment, together with dust particles, they exist in the air, and become the media of allergen and disease transmission. When the clothes cannot be dried in time due to the impact of the environment, or when the weather is wet in the south, it will become a hotbed of various harmful bacteria, which can rapidly breed and breed in a short time, and then pollute the clothes. Clothes contaminated by bacteria will affect your health, and the risk cannot be ignored! Dry clothes can prevent the growth of bacteria. Products that can dry clothes and have certain bactericidal effect,you can choose: No.1 Clothing care machine Features: closed type dry clothes disinfection.   Although it is not ventilated, it has the function of   disinfection and drying. The drying of clothes   depends on machines and the price is medium. Click to view >> No.2 Electric clothes hanger Features: ventilation clothes drying machine ,and has he function of disinfection, air drying and heater drying. In sunny days, it can be directly dried, and in wet days, it can start the functional drying mode. The price is cheaper than other. Click to view >> No.3 Dryer machine Features: Washing and drying integration,It seems very convenient to wash and dry, but the power consumption is large, relying on machine drying, almost no contact with sunlight, and the price is relatively expensive. In China, people are used to relying on the sun to dry clothes. On the one hand, it's more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, it's a Chinese tradition. No.2 Electric clothes hanger is widely used in high-end residential areas in China. People who use this type of clothes will be regarded as rich people Drying clothes is a hotbed to prevent bacteria, and effective disinfection and sterilization are the key measures for health and safety protection. UV lamp is one of the most widely used ways of sterilization. It is easy to operate and used in many families. Through ultraviolet radiation on bacteria, viruses, etc., the DNA structure in the body is destroyed, which makes it immediately die or lose the ability of reproduction. According to the health protection committee, the new coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet radiation (source: clove doctor epidemic situation). Experts suggest that daily exposure to ultraviolet light can effectively achieve disinfection.
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  • The 2020 Spring Festival Gala come to a successful conclusion
    The 2020 Spring Festival Gala come to a successful conclusion on 2020-01-17
    "Strive forge ahead and create a better future" The 2020 Spring Festival Gala come to a successful conclusion! On the evening of January 14, 2020, the 2019 summary and commendation conference and the 2020 Spring Festival Gala with the slogan "Toughen up and create the future" were held in Hexing Restaurant. All employees of the company and some of their employees' families and special guests attended It's the welcome feast of Liangba. We all gathered together to look back at an extraordinary year and toast to a new journey in 2020. Mr. Chen , President After the welcome party officially started, Mr. Chen Lingyun, the president of the company, delivered a speech in the Spring Festival. First of all, on behalf of Guangdong Liangba Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen sent his heartfelt greetings to all the employees who have worked hard for one year, relatives of employees who have stood behind silently, and friends from all walks of life who have always been concerned about supporting the development of Liangba I wish you all auspicious New Year and happy family! At the same time, a comprehensive summary of the work in 2019. For the brand-new 2020, President Chen looks forward to the new year. All the colleagues in the company will live up to Shaohua, and write a new chapter with a new attitude, a new pace! The fighters gathered together to celebrate the happy moments. Everyone performed their love for the fighters in their own way and expressed their most sincere blessings. On the stage, the light was shining and the atmosphere was pushed to a climax. Ringing, ringing the audience. Mr. Cao, Vice President, Mr. Liu , General Manager Each step of LBest is closely related to every hard-working LBestemployee. In order to thank and affirm everyone's dedication and dedication to work, Mr. Junhuang, Vice President of LBest, and Liu Haihui, General Manager, toast on stage, thank all my colleagues The hard work, struggle and dedication, hope to create a better situation in the future. There are constant dramas and lavish gifts. How can we get less prizes at such an important moment? The stage was filled with songs and dances, and the stage was jubilant. In order to welcome the lottery of the New Year's Eve Party, Liangba prepared rich gifts such as high-end accessories, humidifiers, smart supplies, and 10,000 yuan cash red envelopes for the family. The scene was lively, and the screams of joy were one after another. At this happy moment, the lucky ones took all kinds of gifts and generous cash into their arms and returned with a full load!
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  • Review of LBest 2019
    Review of LBest 2019 on January 9,2020.
    Review of LBest 2019 2019 is coming to an end. Looking back on 2019, in this year, a lot of things can happen to everyone, and in every aspect, it varies from person to person! There are also many stories that have been experienced in a year. Three are not enough to choose ... Maybe everyone is playing a hot spot, taking some important pictures, sharing some people or things. An individual will leave some deeper memory points in a year. For an enterprise, in the year, there are many things that can be counted and summarized. Share the photos you don't want to delete of LBest in 2019 Ecology March 5th [New Ecology, New LBest] Annual Meeting Promote new development by constructing a new ecology of products, marketing, image, and [Eco-LBest to accelerate the future] Participated in the three major exhibitions of Shanghai Construction Expo, Shanghai Bathroom Exhibition, Guangzhou Construction Expo Brand Day LBest 5.26 Super Brand Day, with the slogan [Release Super Drying], to bring users super quality, super cost-effective, super service, super experience New listing Aurora Q4 voice-activated mite drying rack for clothes, Q5 max maternal and child machine electric heated drying rack, and smart lock products bring new products and new experiences to users. propagation Sponsored Beijing Satellite TV's "Award for Stars", CCTV Consumer Proposal / Space Model Columns cooperated with high-speed rail and airport large screens to increase brand awareness Training Airbike organizes and plans more than 30 medium and large-scale training activities throughout the country. Serve good users Honor Dayan Award, Group Standard "Smart Clothes Dryer" Labeling Verification Unit Sunflower Award, Smart Home Innovation Development and Technology Standards Industry Alliance Associate Manager Voice control The sound control of the drying bar is the freedom from a single drying tool to the information interaction; it is the freedom from the boring clothes form to the rich life application This year has passed, I like you for all your dedication! Which of these bits and pieces are connected to you in 2019? May all the memory points inspire later. Looking forward to 2020, let's pursue a better and more meaningful year together.
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  • The Third Fully Renovated Home Furnishing Industry Summit
    The Third Fully Renovated Home Furnishing Industry Summit on 2019-12-24
    The Third Fully Renovated Home Furnishing Industry Summit On December 20, 2019, [The 3rd Fully Renovated Home Furnishing Industry Summit of the 2019 Drying Industry Annual Conference] was held in Foshan. The conference made an in-depth analysis of the development of the industry in the past year and the future development trend of the clothes rack for drying industry, and learned from the past to help the new development of the drying industry in the future. Mr. Chen, President of Guangdong LBest Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr.Liu, General Manager were invited to attend. Guangdong LBest Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is the executive chairman unit of the professional committee of the drying rack for clothes industry of the China Building Decoration Materials Association. Under the background of the era of popularization of smart homes, consumption upgrades, rapid Internet development, and endless industrial innovation, LBest actively communicates with industry associations, explores industrial development ideas, and promotes industry development and construction. President of LBest, has been an outstanding figure in the home building materials industry. Under the leadership of Mr. Chen,  Mr. Cao, and General Manager Mr. Liu, And through new product development, channel construction, to meet market demand. At the same time, taking the example of the executive chairman unit of the professional committee of the indoor clothes rack industry, he actively participated in the industry construction and supported the development of the industry and associations with actions. In his speech, Mr. Chen , President of LBest, said: In the intelligent era where consumption scenarios change, smart products and services have been integrated into all aspects of ordinary people's lives. As a high-tech rack clothes hanger tool, the ceiling clothes dryer has unlimited space in the domestic consumer market. Although the current situation is not very good, but the intelligent home appliances is the trend, there is still potential in the future. The summit aims to lead the green and healthy development of the production and application of home decoration materials, comprehensively improve the quality and safety performance of home decoration materials, discuss and build together, and work together for a win-win situation.
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  •  Indoor Clothes Dryer Cabinet For Clothes
    Indoor Clothes Dryer Cabinet For Clothes on 2019-12-19
     Indoor Clothes Dryer Cabinet For Clothes Choose manufacturer brand, choose top brand 169L large capacity dry clothes stand rack Cloth dryer hanger with dry average: Temperature : 55-65°C The test indicates that the fiber can be well protected between 55-65 degrees, making the clothes soft and comfortable, which can protect the clothes and achieve the drying effect. Electric drying racks with full sterilization Triple sterilization: Ultraviolet sterilization (ultraviolet C-class sterilization (235.7UM), can quickly penetrate microorganisms and make them lose their ability to replicate, and at the same time coagulate and denature nuclear protein to kill bacteria and viruses) Ozone sterilization (ultraviolet UV lamp oxidizes the air to a low concentration of ozone O3, thereby removing bacteria and odor) Pasteurization(Low temperature ruptures and inactivates microbial cell walls, thus sterilizing)
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We are the manufacturer of smart hanger,and urgently find local sole agent.To get the factory price (EXW), please enter 'commercial cooperation' Personal purchase , please leave a message.

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We are the manufacturer of smart hanger,and urgently find local sole agent.To get the factory price (EXW), please enter 'commercial cooperation' Personal purchase , please leave a message.

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