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GP12V battery, power and durable
1, host of advanced ultra-short-type laundry machine dedicated AC tubular motor, with over-current, over voltage, thermal protection, extend service life of laundry machine movement. Life of up to 10 years, also short of the Motor easy removal and replacement
2, the domestic laundry machine industry in the first real use of wireless remote control, multi-use wireless remote control and easy to use, free from direction and obstacle restrictions, independent control of drying racks up, down, stop, lighting, ventilation, and dried and other functions, remote control performance and are leading in the same racks from. Use GP12V battery, power and durable
3, the laundry machine with unique overload protection automatically stops the event features obstacles, is the market the most complete protection racks laundry machine
4, the use of centralized laundry machine reel can use rope in neat and orderly, automatic shutdown did not touch the obstacles Liao chaos, greatly improving the life of the product
5, the unique wind institutions to make clothes rail swing around, the small, wind resistance is the best laundry machine
6, using the steel market, good strength and wear the biggest pair of scissors slices 304 # stainless steel wire rope, you use no sorrow
7, multi-function four clothing rod can be freely configured scalable, fast positioning, is the flexibility to place the rod, drying your clothes and quilts easier
8, ultra-thin compact host, streamlined and stylish design, highlights the unique honor your balcony
9, lightweight, environmentally friendly aluminum alloy enclosure, never rust, never let your laundry machine stripping and rust worries
10, the exquisite balcony laundry machine to replace the existing lighting fixtures, allowing you to warm and noble gift to the balcony