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Company Profile
L-Best is established to be the number ONE brand of Automated Clothes Rack.

As the Automated Clothes Rack specialist, we focus on research, production, and marketing
We always try Research &Development to create quality products in customers position and achieved many innovative patents. 
Every unit is produced under ISO9001:2008 system to ensure the most important quality.
Since inception in 2008, We now supply the largest quantity in domestic market for apartments, houses with good reputation
Also weve got CE, ISO9001:2008 in year 2011, 
At the same time we are growing towards global company exporting to Australia, SingaporeTaiwan, Philippine, India, Iran markets.
Enjoy airing your laundry in L-Best way. 
Company History
2008.04 L-Best foundation
2008.07 L-Best introduces its first remote control automated clothes rack. 
2009.07 L-Best announces its first ultra-thin product of 6cm named M3.
2010.03 L-Best announces its first Moving Coil product with a lifespan of 15 years.
2010.05 L-Best moves to Guangzhou Science City, Hi-tech Demonstration Base in Guangzhou.
2010.07 The company's first retail outlet opens. 
2010.12 Company's first retail outlet in Redstar Macalline opens, the biggest building material hyper stores in China.
2011.06 ISO9001:2000 Certified company
2011.06 L-Best starts its first advertisement on CCTV
2011 .08 to become the industry's first liangba EU CE safety certification.
2011 .10, the creation of a new application liangba wind automatically recover technology.
2012 .02,innovation liangba "E Zhi" electric clothes machine series.
2012.07,the world's first with dry liangba, drying function of a new generation of high-end "dual-mode" clothes dryer.
2012 .10, liangba control technology to upgrade again, and intelligent control technology seamless docking, and out of touch screen controller.
2013 .02, liangba tubular AC motor speed upgrade again, more than 40%, 50% lower than the sound.
2013 .02, The automatic recovery technology liangba innovative application of wind, rain, light, once again leading the intelligent clothes industry development.
As of 2014, liangba agents nationwide amounted to more than 500, stores more than 400.
Certificate of honor.
Liangba has won
《China famous brand》
《International famous brands》
《EU CE safety certification》
《CCTV gold booth partner》
《China airer industry ten big brands》
《National consumer satisfaction assured brand》
《ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification》