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  • Model
  • Host Size
  • Max
  • Numbers of
    clothes pole
  • Numbers of
    quilt pole
  • Rated voltage
  • Power of
  • Powser of
  • Power of
  • Carton size
  • Gross weight
  • M3-1204A
  • 1,200x316x70mm
  • 1,200-2,000mm
  • AC 220V
  • 14Wx2
  • 1300x385x150mm
  • 15kg
Moving up-down by easy remote control in 30 meters.
Hi-tech caring functions of integrated illumination, timed air dry of 3 hours and 30 minutes UV disinfection
Driven by energy saving AC tubular motor, consuming only 1kW.h per year.
Unique designed roller prevents wire separation from routine course
Stop against block, over loading, over voltage, over current and over heated(4 minutes continuous working) protection are included.
Simple but effective limit switch mechanism applied, no need to set the up-down limit.
Balance designed 'X link' ensures steady up-down movement
8cm thickness of streamlined main body made out of heavy duty aluminium
4 rustproof aluminium drying rods take a super heavy load of 35kg laundry within a standard descent height of 1.3m and maximum 4.2m.
1.5mm diameter of #304 heavy duty stainless steel wire applied.
Product Dedails
Wireless remote control in 30m;

Space saving design,electric clothes airer can be easily installed on the ceiling;

Super strong motor takes 35kg load of spun-dry washing;

Auto stops when drying rod meets an obstacle during descent.